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  1. HMG Drive Thru: Essential Worker Snobs

    HMG Drive Thru: Essential Worker Snobs:

    During Covid 19, people that were working through all of it, were essential workers, but don't you hate those that think they are hot shit because of it? Even as far as getting shirts with dumb fuck sayings. In today's HMG Drive Thru, it's rant time.
  2. HMG Drive Thru: Epic Game Store Spyware

    HMG Drive Thru: Epic Game Store Spyware:

    Parody video time. This parody is based off of Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, and a very exaggerated impression of Jim Cornette and how he rants. In today's ridiculous episode, I talk about the Epic Game Store Spyware shitfest. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for watching, and enjoy your weekend!
  3. HMG Drive Thru: WWE 2K20

    by , 22nd-February-2020 at 15:33 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    HMG Drive Thru: WWE 2K20:

    Starting a parody series based off Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, where I do a half assed impression of Cornette. First episode is on WWE 2K20. These episodes could be on anything, not just wrasslin'. Enjoy!
  4. Heavy Metal Gamer Presents: They All Float Down Here Phillip

    Heavy Metal Gamer Presents: They All Float Down Here Phillip:

    Took a quick break on some work, and made this stupid video for HMG Presents. Sounds like I missed a good SoKast last night about Phil's new MCN. Anyways, enjoy this ridiculous little video. Thanks for watching.
  5. Heavy Metal Gamer Presents: Darksyded!

    Heavy Metal Gamer Presents: Darksyded!:

    Holy damn, two Heavy Metal Gamer Presents in one week? I can't believe this crap. What is wrong with me? Well, you ever sit around, you laugh about something and then you think you could turn it into something very stupid on Youtube? I just did that, enjoy this ridiculous HMG Presents! New review tomorrow morning. Thanks for watching.
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