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Just a blog to post my reviews, and random blogs

  1. MGS Returns....SOON!

    MGS Returns....SOON!:

    Some of you may know him and those who do hate him. That's right. Modern Gamer Sam will he has been finally ungrounded. If you don't know Sam? You can find the past videos under "Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews."
  2. Things I Hate In Gaming - Episode 1: Fanboys

    Things I Hate In Gaming - Episode 1: Fanboys:

    In today's video, I introduce a new series. I guess you can say this is a spin off of the HMG vlogs, where I give an thoughts of things I hate gaming. Some of these topics will be new, and some will be old topics that I share some stories that I have ran into, and so on. I hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks for watching!
  3. Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews: Super Mario Bros

    Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews: Super Mario Bros:

    Another one of them, random, spur of the moment videos that I enjoy doing from time to time. I hope you guys enjoy it. thanks for watching.
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