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  1. Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: DonPachi (Arcade)

    by , 23rd-February-2022 at 19:24 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: DonPachi (Arcade):

    In today's let's play, I am doing a playthrough of DonPachi for Arcade. Developed by Cave Co., and Atlus. It was released in 1995, and also released on home consoles. I also reviewed this game back in 2019. Hope you enjoy this playthrough. Thanks for watching.
  2. DonPachi (Arcade) Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    by , 30th-January-2019 at 19:39 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    DonPachi (Arcade) Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

    One shoot em up I have always wanted to review DonPachi, and the games in the series. So here is my review of DonPachi for the Arcade. Hope you enjoy this review. Thanks for watching.
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