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  1. Modern Gamer Fanboy Review - Pepsiman

    Modern Gamer Fanboy Review - Pepsiman:

    Modern Gamer Sam is back, and he wants to review Pepsiman. Now I reviewed this many years ago, but he felt the need to give his thoughts. Hope you enjoy. Also have a Pepsi!
  2. Modern Gamer Fanboy Review - Road Rash (Sega Genesis)

    Modern Gamer Fanboy Review - Road Rash (Sega Genesis):

    Modern Gamer Sam has returned! His first video in many years and he checks out the Electronic Arts classic Road Rash on the Sega Genesis!
  3. MGS Returns....SOON!

    MGS Returns....SOON!:

    Some of you may know him and those who do hate him. That's right. Modern Gamer Sam will he has been finally ungrounded. If you don't know Sam? You can find the past videos under "Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews."
  4. Anime Standing Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    Anime Standing Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

    This is one of them cheap Steam games. If this was on a fast food menu...It would be cheaper then the $1. Today is my review of Anime Standing, a parody of Death Stranding, released on Steam. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.
  5. HMG Drive Thru: Essential Worker Snobs

    HMG Drive Thru: Essential Worker Snobs:

    During Covid 19, people that were working through all of it, were essential workers, but don't you hate those that think they are hot shit because of it? Even as far as getting shirts with dumb fuck sayings. In today's HMG Drive Thru, it's rant time.
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