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  1. Postal 2 Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    by , 6th-December-2019 at 20:20 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    Postal 2 Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

    It's Friday, it's been a crazy and somewhat shitty work week, and I am feeling like I need to go Postal. In today's review. I am doing a video on Postal 2 by Running With Scissors. Hope you enjoy!
  2. First Person Lover Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    First Person Lover Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

    Starting out the week with a review of a FPS game based on some clothing company product placement horse shit. Yeah....Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.
  3. SUPERHOT Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    SUPERHOT Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

    Some of you might be wondering where the video I released earlier went. Well I deleted it. I explain that at the beginning of this video, I am sure you will understand. So to replace it, I am uploading a review of SUPERHOT, an interesting indie first person shooter. I hope you enjoy this review, thanks for watching
  4. Heavy Metal Gamer: Solarix Review

    by , 29th-January-2016 at 19:03 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    Heavy Metal Gamer: Solarix Review:

    It's time to get this year started with my first review of 2016, and this time I check out Solarix, which was developed by Pulsetense Games, it can be found on Steam. I hope you enjoy this review. Thanks for watching.

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  5. Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews: Doom

    Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews: Doom:

    Oh great, look who's back...Modern Gamer Sam, and this time he reviews Doom in a brand new episode of Modern Gamer Fanboy Reviews. You know, I figured Sam went missing, and I figured someone would beat the hell out of him, but nope, here he is.

    Remember, this is just a parody, and for a laugh! Thanks for watching \,,/
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